CapCut Video Editor – How to Download CapCut for PC?

Video editing has been trending a lot these days. People tend to shoot videos and edit them to make the viewer more enchanted. Even platforms like TikTok and Instagram endorse features that are greatly tempting for video editors.

With an introduction to features such as TikTok videos and Insta reels, people make fun videos and trending videos with the help of video editors.

The best video editing applications come with a large number of options and an easy-to-use and understandable graphical user interface. It’s important to pick the best app for editing your videos.

About CapCut Editor

Some important things that one should keep in mind while choosing an app for editing their videos are that the app should be safe to use and there should not be any data leakage. Also, the video quality should not reduce after editing. Keeping all these into consideration, we bring to you one of the best video editing apps: the CapCut editor. 

Previously, the CapCut editor app was known as the Viamaker app. It now has a modern and updated feature that would be very useful to its customers. This program is great for making videos because it has all of the resources you’d use in a video editor. It has now surpassed five million downloads on the Google Play Store, and the iOS version has begun to become a popular video editing app.

The CapCut editor app is popular among users of all groups. One of the best aspects of this software is that the video it produces has no watermark and just has one at the top at the end of the video. 

The CapCut for PC interface is simple to use. It includes all of the resources you’ll need to edit a video, including special effects, texts, emojis, and the ability to add your own sounds from your music library.

Hence it is valued by a lot of people as first of all it is difficult to find decent video editing applications without a watermark. Apart from that, the CapCut for computers has other amazing features which are listed below.

 It’s no surprise so many people would want the CapCut PC version because of its versatility and reliability. In this article, we have covered some methods as to how you can download CapCut for Windows for free.

System Requirements to Install CapCut for PC

Your system must meet the following requirements to install these emulators:

  • To begin, you’ll need a computer with at least a dual-core processor. Running it would be a breeze if your CPU has more than two cores. 
  • The RAM is the next item on the list. According to the Nox Player and BlueStacks websites, they both require at least 2 GB of RAM. 
  • After that, you may want to check the size of your hard drive. To download and install both the CapCut software and an emulator package, you’ll need at least 20 GB of free space. 
  • Check to see if your GPU drivers have been mounted or modified. If not, contact the card’s vendor for the most recent kit.

If your system meets all these requirements we can move on to the downloading of the BlueStacks emulator and eventually CapCut for windows using BlueStacks.

Now is the part where we get on to CapCut download for PC. To download CapCut for windows you first need to download an emulator which will simulate an android smartphone-like environment on your PC. We have mentioned methods to download CapCut for windows using two of the most widely used emulators, which are: BlueStacks and the NoxPlayer.


Method 1 – To Download Free CapCut for PC, Install BlueStacks First

Follow these steps to download the BlueStacks emulator on your PC.

Step 1: Visit the official website of BlueStacks emulator 

Step 2: BlueStacks installer is available for download on its website. 

Step 3: Simply save the installer in a format that is consistent with your operating systems like .exe or .jpg.

Step 4: The download window will appear after you open the BlueStacks installer. 

Step 5: Read their terms and conditions and press the “I Agree” button to approve them. Allow the necessary permissions.

Step 6: To begin the installation on your screen, press the “install” button. 

Step 7: Since BlueStacks can bind to its servers to begin installing other parts of its software, the link must be secure in order to install it successfully. 

Step 8: Once you’ve finished installing BlueStacks, open the software to run it.

Steps to Install CapCut for PC Free:

Next, we need to download CapCut for PC Windows after the installation of BlueStacks is finished. Following are the steps for CapCut download for PC.

Step 1: Set up your Play Store account in BlueStacks on your computer.

Step 2: Now, use the Play Store’s search bar to find the CapCut editor app. 

Step 3: To start the installation process, press the install button next to the logo of CapCut editor.

Step 4: Check the CapCut for pc shortcut on the home screen of the BlueStacks emulator after you’ve finished the installation and run it. 


This is one way to get CapCut download free on your computer. If you find BlueStacks to be resource-heavy or non-compatible with your computer you can try using another emulator namely, NoxPlayer for CapCut PC download. Below are the steps on how to do it.

Method 2 – Get CapCut for PC Using NoxPlayer

NoxPlayer just like BlueStacks is another great emulator. Follow the below steps to install NoxPlayer on your desktop.

Step 1: Go to the official website of NoxPlayer:

Step 2: Download the NoxPlayer extension from the link present.

Step 3: Double-click the downloaded.exe file to install it. 

Step 4: The installation will begin, and it could take 2-3 minutes to finish. 

Step 5: After the installation is complete, the start button appears. 

Step 6: Agree to all the terms and conditions and tap the start button to start the Nox Player on your computer.

This completes the installation process of NoxPlayer. Following this to download CapCut for PC is very easy as the majority part is already done.

Steps to Install Free CapCut Editor for PC:

Download CapCut for pc free using NoxPlayer by following the below steps.

Step 1: Go to your desktop and open the NoxPlayer emulator after you’ve built it. 

Step 2: Now, locate and launch the Google Play Store app inside the emulator.

Step 3: To use it, you must first log in to your Play Store account. 

Step 4: Using the search, begin searching for the CapCut editor for pc. 

Step 5: When you see the “Install” or “Download” button, click it. 

Step 6: Check the home screen of your NoxPlayer emulator after you’ve finished the update. The CapCut editor will be mounted in this place.

Step 7: On your Windows PC or Mac, open the CapCut editor for pc and use it to edit amazing videos.

This is how you directly install CapCut for pc using the emulators and it plays out using Google Play Store. But there is another method that uses an apk file of the CapCut editor for pc to install it on your computer. However, even for this method, you will need an emulator.

Follow the below steps to download the CapCut editor for PC using .apk file.

Method 3 – CapCut for PC Free Download from .APK File

If you are unable to sign in to the Play Store or import from it, you can use the CapCut APK as an option. Follow the steps below to use this method: 

Step 1: Search the internet for the CapCut editor apk and save the file on your laptop. 

Step 2: Run the emulator that you have built on your computer or laptop. It could be any emulator. 

Step 3: You can either choose BlueStacks or NoxPlayer and download them using the steps mentioned above.

Step 4: Drag the CapCut editor apk from the downloads section onto your emulator’s home screen after it has been installed. 

Step 5: It will begin the installation process on your computer.

These are some of the methods that you can use to get CapCut for windows for free. Now, here is a list of features of CapCut editor for PC to begin with.

Features of CapCut for Computer

CapCut PC version for video editing allows you to add photos, trim clips, change resolutions, and add music and stickers/texts to your video. Let’s take a look at each feature one by one.

1. No Watermark

As mentioned earlier, unlike other video editing software, if you use CapCut for pc there will not be any watermarks in your edited videos. The lack of a watermark also helps retain the originality that a video’s author desires. One of the most significant and notable features of the CapCut editing app has to be this. As a result, it draws the majority of users. 

2. Ease of Use

All of the CapCut for PC features are very user-friendly. It’s just that, you cannot use the app while you are offline. It is not like those finicky video editing applications that get lost in the middle of editing videos and if you leave the page you don’t get back your edited video and you will have to start all over again. CapCut is generally very stable and saves your data as soon as you make changes so that whatever you edited is not lost. You also won’t see any advertisements when editing videos, which is one of the best features of CapCut for PC.

3. Filters and Visual effects

You should use a variety of filters to make your video more visually pleasing to your viewers. Basic, dreamy, band, vintage, and several other filters are available on CapCut editor for PC. It will enable you to improve your video editing abilities. 

Other visual effects, such as mirroring the video or simply joining two videos to create a stunning result, are also very simple to do on CapCut editor for PC.

4. Sounds, Stickers, and more

CapCut for windows is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a video editing tool with a large catalog of songs and sounds. You can choose from a variety of songs and sounds to use in your film. You can choose music from your own playlist or music library and add it to your video in any style you like. 

Not just songs, stickers and text are important tools that you can use to seamlessly enhance your videos. You get to choose from a variety of stickers and fonts to use in your video. You can also use different emojis to express yourself in your videos.


In this article, we mentioned a few methods to download CapCut editor for pc. We have also mentioned a few alternatives and why you should try them. Hope this article helps.

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