Carl Johnson

Carl Johnson AKA CJ plays the role of the Protagonist in GTA San Andreas. CJ is the second in command of one of the most powerful street “Grove Street” gang. But later leaves the hood and moves to Liberty City, after spending 5 years away from the hood, CJ comes back following the death of his mother.

Early Life Of CJ

Carl Johnson was born and raised in his home town Los Santos, Carl has 3 siblings Sean, Kendl, and Brian. Sean “Sweet” Johnson is the oldest one in the family and leader of the “Grove Street Families”. Carl is forced to leave the gang as he let his younger brother die, as stated by Sweet “You let Brian die”. However, the cause of Brian’s death was not revealed. Later when her mother dies Carl comes back to earn the trust of his friends and family and help them regain the lost strength as Tenpenny, a corrupt cop from C.R.A.S.H becomes a threat to the gang.

Back To The Hood

The only objective that Carl has in mind when he returns to the hood is to find out the mysterious circumstances under which his mother died and in the process help his family take control of the streets. Carl eventually finds out that his childhood friends Ryder and Big Smoke were behind his mother’s death and get his revenge by killing them.