Da Nang Boys

Da Nang Boys is one of the smaller gangs in the city of San Fierro, but they are also one of the most violent gangs in San Andreas. The members in the gang are Vietnamese but the gang that they are based on were actually Chinese. Easter basin is the main turf for the gang but they are not limited to that area only.

San Fierro Triads are the rivals to this gang as they live in the same city making the confrontations between the two gangs more frequent and the consequences, proven to be deadly.

The members of the group can be recognized by either wearing an army t-shirt with tattoos, a black and gold robe with glasses, or a black t-shirt with a wrist band.

Dan Nang Boys vs Other Gangs

As compared to the other gangs, Da Nang boys are way more aggressive in their ways, they would often end up in gang fights against other gang members and also to the whole Loco Syndicate by disrupting the drug deals taking place in the city.

Being the number one enemy of the Triads, they slaughtered a whole unit of the triads named “blood feather triads” in an all-out war and also attempted to kill their leaders, which also makes them one of the hot-headed gangs in the city.

Events in GTA San Andreas

The gang kidnapped Mike Toreno, the leader of the Loco Syndicate, which is later saved by Carl Johnson and Mendez but that’s not the only time they tried to sabotage the drug operation. They set up several roadblocks in an attempt to stop the drug shipment from reaching the factory, which is later destroyed by Carl Johnson who is supposed to take care of the shipment and make sure it reaches the destination. Lastly, the Triads later attempts to kill the Da Nang Boys in an airstrike but they fail to do so, CJ however manages to get inside their ship and kill their leader, The Snakehead along with many other gang members making it very weak.