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GTA VC APK Download

Grand Theft Auto Vice City AKA GTA Vice City APK is one of the greatest titles in the history of open world games. It was released all the way back in 2002 by Rockstar. It quickly became a major hit all around the world as it was the first title to provide players with the freedom to do anything in the world.

GTA Vice City used to be the ultimate fan favorite open world title back in the days. Almost every gamer wanted to play GTA Vice City and they did for many years, even though GTA Vice City didn’t have any multiplayer functionality as the modern games have now.

It became the bestselling video game title of 2002 with over 17 million copies sold worldwide. Vice City also managed to grab a ton of awards and was praised for its unique gameplay, immersive storyline and a vast open world. It’s been almost two decades and the game is still loved by hundreds of thousands of gamers around the globe and it was this love that led Rockstar to develop a mobile version of GTA Vice City as well.


Grand Theft Auto Vice City is an action-adventure game that is played in third-person perspective and sometimes in first-person perspective as well. To proceed through the story of the game, the player has to play as Tommy Vercetti, the mobster and complete several missions that unlock certain parts of the world and new missions as well.

And certain missions require the players to complete the mission at hand to get instructions for the next ones in the story, it is also possible to have multiple active missions at the same time.

But the best part about GTA Vice City is that aside from all these missions or the main quest, we can explore the vast open world and pretty much do anything that we want to do, the whole system of the game works like a big society, where the NPCs are going around running errands, driving around to God-knows-where and so much more.

The open world in GTA Vice City is relatively huge and divided into smaller islands, which are locked away at first when you start the game but as you progress these Islands get unlocked and you find different gangs and police out there.

There are so many things to do in the game besides the main quest, you can drive around in a wide variety of vehicles be it cars, boats, bikes, helicopters and even jet, if you manage to steal it from the military base without getting your head blown off.

GTA Vice City Story

The game follows the story of a mobster, Tommy Vercetti who gets released from prison after he was sentenced for 15 years for a failed drug deal that was ambushed. Tommy after getting released from the prison decides to take revenge on people responsible for the failed drug deal. He went on to join his boss Sonny Forreli and gets on with life as a mobster, overseeing drug trades, taking out competition and slowly getting a grasp on the situation.

His developing reputation in the underworld with Lance finally gets him to work for the kingpin, Ricardo Diaz. Lance eventually finds out the truth about Diaz and tries to kill him but gets himself captured in the process but Tommy manages to save him. Finally they both decide to go after Diaz and kill him, Tommy ends up getting all the property to himself and becomes the most notorious drug dealer in the city.

This throws Sonny off and he sends his men to forcefully collect money from Tommy but when that doesn’t work, Sonny decides to visit himself. Upon his arrival things go south, with Sonny revealing that he was the one who betrayed him several years ago with Lance’s help. Tommy ends up killing Lance and Sonny to become the only true Kingpin of the underworld of Vice City!

GTA Vice City APK

Although the mobile version of the game was introduced a decade later, it still managed to amass millions of mobile players. Rockstar made a lot of changes to the game for its mobile variant so it could run smoothly over a variety of mobile phones.

The graphics of the mobile version were optimized and so were other features of the game while maintaining the same quality level as the original title. However, one of the major features in the game, Cheats were not natively added to the game but the players can use the cheats using a third party application that allows you to use cheat code in the game, just like you would in the original title.

But the best part is that the mobile version of the game is available to download for free. You can download the game right away on your mobile device and have fun! Rockstar has also released GTA San Andreas APK, so if you have already played GTA Vice City APK, you can just download the version as well.

How To Download/Install GTA Vice CIty APK

Downloading the game is quite easy, all you need to do is just follow these few simple steps and you’ll be having fun in the game in no time!

  • Step 1 – Before downloading the game, you’ll have to first have to go to the settings and enable “Allow Download from unknown Sources”.
  • Step 2 – Once you have enabled, you can just click on the download APK button to start downloading the game.
  • Step 3 – Once the game is downloaded, there will be an APK file. Open up the apk file to start installing the game.
  • Step 4 – The installation will start right away, just wait for the installation to complete.
  • Step 5 – After the installation is complete, you will see a GTA Vice City icon on your phone, just open it and have fun!

Our Verdict

GTA Vice City might be a little old but it still remains to be one of the best open world titles of all time. There are a ton of things you can do in the game, the mobile version is as good as it gets. There is no other title that can be as good as GTA Vice City APK, so if you haven’t yet played it, make sure to do!

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