Frank Tenpenny

Frank Tenpenny is one of the most influential antagonists of San Andreas who anonymously runs most of the drug rackets and crimes corroborating with the local gangs in the city of Los Santos.

Frank Tenpenny’s History

Tenpenny was ordered to reduce and eliminate the sources of drugs in the city by the LSPD. Tenpenny partnered with Eddie Pulaski and Jimmy Hernandez to make a dedicated unit “C.R.A.S.H” to take out the ones responsible for flooding the city with drugs.

But Tenpenny had ulterior motives and so he used his power of being a police to provide safe passage to the gangs involved in drug smuggling for a amount of money in return. Tenpenny was brutal in his methods and he gradually took control of most of the crimes being committed in the city. The gangs were also afraid of him because he had the power of police to protect him and so he continued this whole façade with Eddie and Jimmy and made CRASH like a powerful gang on its own.

Tenpenny’s History with Carl Johnson

Tenpenny loved to use the gang members to do his dirty biddings and everyone would play along because if they didn’t, they’d end up behind bars or dead in street corner. Although, he had many gang members under his influence but he would always make Carl do the dirty jobs for him, whether it’s cash payback, killings or extortion.

And it was also Tenpenny behind the Drive-by that resulted in the death of CJ’s mother Beverly, because he knew it’d bring CJ back to the city and it did. As soon as CJ got back and sat in the taxi which was all a setup by Tenpenny to CJ to him. Tenpenny had already killed his partner Pendlebury and he was threatening CJ, that if he doesn’t do whatever he wants or leaves the city, he would put Pendelbury’s murder on him.

Frank Tenpenny’s Death

At last, when CJ figures out who killed her mother, he decides to take revenge by killing Ryder and Big Smoke. When CJ kills Big Smoke and Tenpenny starts a huge fire in Smoke’s hideout to kill Carl and escape on fire truck, somehow Sweet manages to hold on to the truck and CJ follows him on his convertible and gets Sweet down safely. Tenpenny loses controls and flies off from an overpass and ends up being severely injured and loses his life.