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February 13, 2023

If you are from the early 2000, chances are Grand theft Auto Vice City AKA GTA VC was your first crush and millions of other Pc Gamers around the world, And quite rightly so, GTA vice city was the biggest and greatest hit of its time.

GTA Vice city is the first most successful open world game by Rockstar after Grand Theft Auto 3. It was released in year of 2002 and since then, the game has attracted millions of gamers from all around the globe. It was also the most selling game of the year 2002 with over 17 Million copies sold world wide.

The Game became so popular that even after 18 years of release, thousands of players still play the game which also makes GTA Vice City one of the most played Game of all time But the best part is that now you can play the game on your mobile devices by downloading GTA vice city apk.

GTA Vice City Mobile Back Story

The Grand theft Auto Vice city apk portrays the story of a young and passionate mobster Tommy Vercetti, who gets caught when a drug deal goes south. After getting released from the prison Tommy seeks out the ones responsible and to make them pay.

The whole story takes place in a fictional city of Miami called “Vice City” back in the year 1982, the city is run by the powerful mobsters and Tommy decides to get back to business so that he can take over the control from under the big shots of the city and become the new king of VC.

The whole city is filled with different gangs like haitians, bikers gangs, the cubans and mafia who controls different parts of the city and when the come face to face with each other it ends in a bloody gun fights and killings. Rockstar has got the inspiration for the story from many real life events and people.

GTA Vice City Mobile Gameplay

Apart from the storyline Grand theft auto Vice City has earned tons of awards for different aspects of the game Like Music, the whole open world design and the unique Gameplay. You Play as Tommy Vercetti, in 3rd perspective and go through the extensive missions along the storyline. Altough, most of the missions are easy to get into but some of the missions are far more challenging and require skills and experience.

Grand Theft Auto VC’s open world gives freedom to players to do anything and everything they want and explore the different feature of world. Although, at the beginning of the game, most parts of the world are restricted and you cannot simply enter without making certain level of progress to unlock that area.

Besides all the missions and story, there are tons of other things that you can do like drive cars around the city, mess with civilians who just runs off (but not all of them) but make sure you don’t mess with gangs cuz they are heavily equipped and always ready to drop you dead.

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