Jizzy B

Jizzy B. is one of the sides or supporting characters and an antagonist in the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas APK storyline. He works as a popular pimp in the city of San Fierro and owns the Pleasure Domes Nightclub.

Jizzy is one of the most important members of Loco Syndicate, getting in boys to work for the cartel, issuing hits and managing the money flow.

Jizzy B’s Life

There is not much known about Jizzy’s early life but as a man, he lives a very “adult” oriented life as he is one of the most popular pimps in the whole San Andreas and he owns the gentleman club right beneath the Gant bridge.

He drives a broadway, which he calls “Pimp Mobile” like the bat mobile, which is fully customized with paint job and custom license plate and even the interior. But he later buys another broadway as the first one was issued an APB on and he also own a stretch, luxurious huh?

Jizzy having the perfect front for “untraceable money” comes in handy for the shady drug dealings for the loco syndicate and so he works for the them as the money cruncher to hide the money trail for them and over the years has grown a reputable position in there and becomes the face of the cartel.

Events in Game

Carl Johnson, in an attempt to get closer to the Loco Syndicate to know what they are up about and the shady deals going on, starts working for Jizzy, and when he learns about the “big deal” thing he decides to use Jizzy to get more information about it. Carl finds out that the meeting involves Ryder and the Ballas Gang so he decides to sneak into the club and things go south with CJ ending up killing Jizzy B and that’s the end of him, he no longer appears in the game anymore.