Lance Wilson AKA Ryder

Ryder is one of the most influential characters in GTA San Andreas, playing the role of an antagonist in the story. He is a drug addict who doesn’t even go anywhere without his so-called “water” which is basically a phencyclidine drug.

Ryder’s Early Life

Ryder was born and raised in the streets of Ganton, where he became close to Sweet and CJ AKA Carl Johnson. He started selling drugs from a very young age of ten and also got kicked out of school for beating up his teacher because of wearing Ballas color shirt. Ryder earned his rank from very bottom and became one of the closest guy to Sweet.

Ryder’s Betrayal

But later, Ryder shake hands with the their arch rival Ballas and Loco Syndicate betraying Sweet and CJ. But CJ eventually comes to know about Ryder’s betrayal and later kills him in an escape attempt on boat in Los Santos, Read more about Big Smoke.