Melvin Harris AKA Big Smoke

Big Smoke is one of the high ranking members of the Grove Street Families and a childhood friend of Carl Johnson. Smoke always wanted to be the most powerful gangster in the Los Santos, which he eventually becomes after making clandestine deals with the rival gangs betraying both Sweet and CJ.

Early Life Big Smoke

Big Smoke was also born and raised in Los Santos with CJ, Sweet and Ryder being his childhood friends. Smoke always wanted everyone to remember him after death. He earned his way to become the right hand of Sweet, after CJ out of the picture, he became more influential in the gang than ever.

Big Smoke was the first to betray Sweet and made deals with Ballas and convinced Ryder join him too and get rid of Sweet so that he could take control of the whole neighborhood,

Big Smoke’s Death

Big Smoke got blinded by all the power and money, he didn’t care anymore about his friends or family. He became too invested in his drug manufacturing plant and wanted to get away from the violence’s but it was too late for him. Carl gets into his plant using a swat tank and makes his way through Ballas and other gang members and finally confronts Big Smoke. He shows remorse to Carl for what he did and says “I got caught up in the money, the power.. I had no choice.. I just saw the opportunity. When I’m gone, everyone gonna remember my name… Big Smoke!”, Read more about GTA San Andreas.