San Fierro Rifa

San Fierro Rifa is one of the small gangs in GTA San Andreas Android that exists in the city of San Fierro and the gang is run by T-bone Mendez, it also is one of the least hostile gangs and that’s probably because they don’t really show up much during the game story.

The gang members are Mexican and they can be recognized from far as they wear turquoise bandanas like the Los Varios Aztecas but that doesn’t make them friends, in fact Los Varios are very much disliked by Rifa but thankfully, both the gangs live city apart from each other so there is lesser chance of confrontation between both gangs.

San Fierro Rifa vs Other Gangs

San Fierro Rifa as compared to the other gangs are less hostile and they don’t even carry around weapons openly unless provoked by other gang members or the police that’s when they pull out their pistols. They are friendly to Vagos as they stand on the common ground when it comes to dealing drugs, both working under Big Smoke and that’s one of the reasons why they are a bit hostile against Grove Street Families and also San Fierro Triads but as I mentioned earlier they are less hostile than others. They are also involved in all sorts of crimes just like the other gangs but comparatively less.

Events in GTA San Andreas

The gang makes rare appearances but it can be seen working under the Big Smoke’s drug empire, providing protection to him whenever needed along with other gangs like Vagos and the Mafia (wrong side of the tracks). It grows weaker after the death of T-Bone Mendez and after CJ destroys Big Smoke’s crack palace, we can see them trying to protect big smoke in the mission End of the line but after that, the gang no longer appears in the game.