San Fierro Triads

The San Fierro Triads are the only Chinese gang with a lot of influence over the areas such Kings, Calton Heights and mainly Chinatown, which is like a hood to them and they also run the Four Dragons Casino in the LV.

The Gang is led by Ran Fa Li along with a Wu Zi Mu AKA Woozie, a highly influential person, even though he is blind. San Fierro Triads, as the name suggests, used to be a 3-group unit but the third one got all wiped in an all out war against the Da Nang Boys.

San Fierro Triads Vs Other Gangs

This Chinese gang has been in an all-out war against Da Nang boys for a long time but they are not friendly with other gangs such as San Fierro Rifa, The Mafia, and even the Loco Syndicate because of the drug operations but that also makes them allies with Grove Street Families unless provoked off course.

San Fierro Triads can be mostly seen carrying guns like AK47s, Tech 90 and pistols. They can be easily recognized from their all black suit which according to some makes them look like gentlemen and they mostly drive cars like Sultan, Stratum and Elegy.

They are involved in all kinds of crimes such loan sharking, gambling, street racing, murders, gang fights, extortion and so on but they stand against drug dealing.

They don’t have much influence over the whole Story whatsoever as they are away from Los Santos where all the action takes place, mostly.

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