Sweet Johnson

Sweet is one the most influential and powerful character in this game. He is the leader of the “Grove Street Families” and also the older brother to Carl Johnson, Kendl, the youngest one Brian and the first born to Beverly Johnson.

Sweet’s Story

Sweet was born to and raised by Beverly Johnson and since he grew up not knowing who his father was, Sweet took care of his mother and his siblings Carl, Kendl and Brian. The hardships and the responsibilities that he faced from a very young age made him stronger. And in 1997, Sweet became the leader of the gang and soon his younger brother CJ also joined him.

Sweet recruited more members in the gang including Big Smoke and Ryder, Grove Street Families was thriving under Sweet’s leadership and they were able to control most the territories. But the rival gangs and some of the corrupt cops saw that as an emerging threat to their power and influence.

Sweet always loved and cared for his family but after the death of his younger brother Brian which he blamed on Carl and eventually made him leave the city, he started to lose control of the streets and the rival gangs were taking full advantage of that so much that one day they decided to end him for once and for all but things went south and the drive-by resulted in the death of her mother Beverly, who died at the spot. The Death of her mother finally brings back their whole family together including Carl, who Sweet hates very much but little did he know about why Carl was really back for, which was to find out who killed her mother and avenge her death. Sweet gives him another chance to prove himself and together they strive hard to bring back the power to the gang and finally manage to avenge the death of their mother.

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