Varios Los Aztecas

The Varios Los Aztecas is one of the smallest but also the most heavily armed gang in the city of Los Santos. The members of this gang are Latinos or Mexicans and can be easily recognized by their turquoise bright bandanas and tattoos.

They are amongst the few gangs in the city that are against the drug smuggling business and make sure no one deals drug in their areas just like Grove Street Families but other than that they are involved in all sorts of crimes in the city be it gang banging, drive-by, murders, gang fights and so on.

Varios Los Aztecas vs Other Gangs

They are one of the least important gangs as per the story, they are hardly seen unlike the other gangs and the only few times are after CJ’s younger sister Kendl gets in relationship with one of the high ranking members of the VLA gang, Cesar. Sweet doesn’t trust Cesar as he is the member of one of their rival gangs so he sends CJ off to follow his sister Kendl to one of the parties hosted by VLA.

CJ eventually confronts one of their high ranking members but before things get over heated Cesar comes to CJ’s rescue after which CJ and Cesar start to get along very well.

CJ saves Varios Los Aztecas

After the mission Green Sabre, Los Santos Vagos take over all the VLA territories and they gradually lose all their power and influence in the city and many of their members also get killed by the rival gang, LSV.

Luckily, Cesar was out of the city with CJ and survives the wipeout and upon returning back to the hood, CJ along with Grove Street Families and some of the Aztecas members take over the lost territories from Los Santos Vagos in an all-out war against them which saves VLA from getting all wiped out and regain their strength in the city.